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The Online Betting Australia site was created for the benefit of Australian bettors and overseas visitors. We aim to provide the latest news and information with regards to Australian Online Interactive Gambling Laws and provide answer to frequently asked question about Australian gambling according to the Australian Federal Government.

We also aim to provide direct access to online betting services that are legal and regulated by Australian laws where you can place your bets with the knowledge that you are dealing with a licenced service.

Games Of Chance

We do not intend to promote such betting as casinos, poker or games of chance. Although anyone who plays poker knows that it is a game of skill, not chance, the advertising of such services aimed at Australian citizens is banned uder current Australian legislation. More news on that later though.

Bet Sensibly

If you know you have a gambling problem or you feel you may have a gambling problem we recommend that you talk to someone about it. Problem gambling can be dangerous not only to yourself but to those who depend on you financially and emotionally and the community as a whole. The site we recommend you visit for free assistance is the Australian Gambling Help Online site.

Contributors Wanted

We are seeking articles, tipsters and news contributors who have a sound knowledge of sports betting and/or the wagering industry. More importantly they need to have a passion for whatever they are writing about.

This could be in any type of sports or racing category. If you are interested please contact us. We are offering remuneration in the form on a profit-share only basis. At this stage there is no wage available.

If you are interested please contact us for more information.



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